Martí Guixé: On Flower Power


Emoji, empathy, design. In a mini web series of 5 videos, Martí Guixé talks about On Flower Power, the exhibition in the Salone Centrale and its journey at the Galleria Nazionale from 2016 to present.



With the exhibition On Flower Power. The Role of the Vase in Arts, Crafts and Design,curated by Martí Guixé with Inga Knölke, the Galleria Nazionaleradically explores the hybrid territory in which art, design and craftsmanship interact in a completely unconventional way




The exhibition represents the first opportunity for the Galleria Nazionale to confront these languages in relation to contemporary art and focuses on an apparently neutral object: the flower vase. On display more than eighty works that reinterpret the tradition and the iconography of the vase through design, photography, sculpture and painting.




01 – On Flower Power. The exhibition
02 – The emoji 🏺💐
03 – The empathic power of flowers
04 – 2016-2019. From the hall to the Salone Centrale
05 – The boundaries of design

Video di Lorenzo Quagliozzi


Martí Guixé (Barcelona, 1964) è un designer, formatosi a Barcellona e a Milano, il cui lavoro trascende i confini abituali di questa disciplina. Ha esposto al MoMa di New York, al MACBA di Barcellona, alla Triennale di Milano, al MART di Rovereto, al Centre Pompidou di Parigi, al Mudac di Losanna e alla Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Roma.

the exhibition