WOOJ – Women Out of Joint: feminism is my party

Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Rome, September 28-29-30)

The festival Women Out of Joint is promoted and organized by the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea and by the IILA (Italo-Latin American Institute). Women Out of Joint is the occasion for the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea to present to the public the recently acquired archive of Carla Lonzi – Italian feminist, writer and art critic – that will allow researchers / researchers to study to finally access a precious documentary material whose value is internationally recognized for the history of art and gender thinking.

At the beginning of the seventies, Carla Lonzi defined feminism as “my party”: with Women Out of Joint, the Galleria Nazionale pays homage to her theoretical and militant figure with three days of celebration open to everyone and everyone

Through meetings, workshops, performances, screenings, readings, the festival links the experiences of artists, art historians, performers, writers, activists, researchers, photographers, architects, coming from an international and transdisciplinary scene capable of translating the manifold expressiveness of women’s poetics. Being a woman is in fact a singular art that has no hinges or prefixed rules: the guests of Women Out of Joint do not fear to pronounce the word “feminism”, choosing to wade through the practices through which women continue to overturn old and new forms of subalternity.

With: Julia Antivilo, Maria Luisa Boccia, Annarosa ButtarelliSilvia Calderoni, Ilenia Caleo, Alessandra Carnaroli, Sara Davidovics, Federica Giardini, Gaia Giuliani, Claire Fontaine, Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, Carmen María Jaramillo, Elena Lolli, Eva Macali, Angela Marzullo, Paola Mattioli, Lea Melandri, Bianca Menna, Cristina Morini, Michela Murgia, Francesca Perani, Jonida Prifti, Raffaella Perna, Lidia Riviello, Sara Ventroni, Eli Vásquez, Marina Valcarenghi, Valentina Vella.

Special guests: Carla Lonzi, Valie Export, Lea Vergine.