La Cura delle Arti

The Galleria Nazionale offers up to 10 € 500 scholarships to take part in La Cura delle Arti, the Call for Applications: Arts and Culture Small Grants which will take place in the museum on 10 and 11 November 2017

The intensive course is aimed at young people with a master’s degree and / or newly-employed in the field of cultural heritage and territorial artistic promotion. Through La Cura delle Arti we intend to propose a selection of lessons articulated around the concept of “care”, understood as an attitude and essential competence to combine entrepreneurship, humanism, arts education and creative promotion. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment in the field theories and methods of investigation and cultural planning of the territory.


The course will be structured in two days from 9.00 to 18.00 and introduced by Annarosa Buttarelli, scientific coordinator of the project. The themes addressed will beCome si può disegnare il futuro prossimo. Crisi del progetto e nuove pratiche per la progettazione urbana and Educazione e pratica delle arti e dei patrimoni territoriali..

Friday 10 November: Francesco Morace; Giovanni Filindeu with the assistance of Giulia Filippi
Saturday 11 November: Annalisa Marinelli; Martì Guixe with the assistance of Giulia Filippi

The 10 participants
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