Flânerie Pop – Cinema lessons by Piera Detassis

The Flânerie Pop format, curated by Annarosa Buttarelli, draws a space in which many actions can occur that attempt to link access to the arts with the pleasure and slow pace of the walk, the popularity of language and scientific rigor. From 16 November to 25 January 2018, the Galleria Nazionale hosts a series of lectures on cinema “Nel profondo dell’immagine” by Piera Detassis.

Regarder n’est pas voir. Looking is not “seeing”. In eight meetings, stories and film lessons, you will not only find the history and chronology of the cinema, there will be no dates and currents, backgrounds, ideas. But there will be the “absolute scenes”, the digressions of the camera, the deviations well hidden in the apparent narrative order, the visual walks that have struck, disturbed, transformed. In short, all that contributes to building the illusion, the new language of the twentieth century, the great falsehood appeared as truth in the eyes of many.

At the Galleria Nazionale we play to unveil the trick, reading the sequence of a film as a work of art in itself, according to an invisible thread that combines Proiezione ed Esposizione. There will be the opening words and the happy ending, the genres and the gender, the authors like Hitchcock who taught us: “We need to shoot a scene of love like a murder, and vice versa”. Killer directors, good and bad women, revolutionary authors, strong enlightenment: the cruel grandeur of cinema, which produces and does not simply reproduce. In this immensity it is worth sinking, to learn and enjoy more, wondering “Who looks? Who looks at us?”.

Free admission. Limited seats.