Cortile. Academy of Philosophy for Children

Cortile, an ideal space for outdoor games, is a meeting and exchange place that sees children and children from 8 to 13 years, with an appointment on Saturday afternoon in the spaces of the Galleria Nazionale d’arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome. Cortile wants to be a game of thought “without railings”, a stimulus to autonomous and conscious reflection, which traverses the intimate space, that of experiences, relationships and imagination, of which everyone is a precious guardian.

In the meetings of theCortile one exercises the sculpture of thought.

You experience what it means to think with your own head, open and surprising, confronting the most important issues on which humanity continues to ask questions. Boys and girls have the opportunity to question themselves on the concerns, doubts, fears, wars, love, disappointments, expectations, money, sorrows and emotions. We speak of life, of birth, of how we live from small females and small males, of death and its mystery, taking care and attention to the profound and different experiences of children and girls, who often find no expression. The originality of Cortile is also measured on the level of relationships between boys and girls, often hidden or neutralized, to ensure a habit and a space for listening and respect for the difference.

The guides involved have been chosen to help express the ability to think creatively, that is to know how to do philosophy, crossing other disciplines and combining philosophical practices with artistic, theatrical, visual, literary and scientific practices.