Drawings. Writings. Thoughts. Notes.

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Drawings. Writings. Thoughts. Notes. A new advertising pay-off? No, those are the four “cardinal points” indicated by the new map of the National Gallery signed by Martí Guixé.


Mappa Galleria Nazionale
La nuova mappa della Galleria Nazionale disegnata da Martí Guixé


A few days ago we asked the ex-designer to draw a new map for the museum. No indication or suggestion, in a few hours the result. From Antonio Canova to Liliana Moro, from Émile-Antoine Bourdelle to Mimmo Paladino, essential but recognizable are the masterpieces of the museum that identify the 4 macro sectors.

In addition, the Library, the Café, the Sala delle Colonne and the Lions of Davide Rivalta that dominate the main staircase. Often drawn, essential chromatism. Few shades (red, black, white) lit and contrasted to create a sense of amazement and fun in the viewer.


Mappa Galleria Nazionale
The back of the map with the four “cardinal points” Drawings. Writings. Thoughts. Notes.


An A4 sheet printed on recycled paper becomes both a map and a travel book. When you decide to visit us, don’t forget your pencil.

El mapa intuitivo de la Galleria Nazionale, es un plano para ubicarse, centrarse y descubrir no solo tu posición real en correspondencia al espacio físico sino también la posición imaginada para encontrar y llegar a lo desconocido, siempre en relación y con la ayuda del arte. Martí Guixé, 2019


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