The map of the National Gallery

Time is Out of Joint, the current arrangement of the collections conceived as an exhibition on the theme of time, goes beyond the usual chronological trace and branches off into simultaneous paths in which the works are juxtaposed by assonances, contrasts, references and quotations.

Together with the great names of the history of art, the works of contemporary Italian and foreign artists allow an opening of the gaze to different or unexpected stimuli and suggestions. Rereading the works in situations other than those in which they had originally formed, the prospects and readings are multiplied.



The National Gallery naturally experiences continuous phases of transformation and renewal, also in light of the new experiences and critical readings that over time become necessary. It therefore places itself as a place of meeting, research and discovery, inviting reflection on contemporary exhibition languages and practices, on what the role of the museum is in our present, and on what common bases this may be to create relations with its public.

the works on loan