Time is out of joint? A word with the artists

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The two exhibitions The Lasting. L’intervallo e la durata and Time is Out of Joint have inaugurated the 2016 museum season at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea. Utilizing works from the museum’s permanent collection, the two exhibitions showcased the works of contemporary artists that play with the concept of time and simultaneously highlight the coexistence of old and new elements, which sometimes recall theatrical or cinematographic scenes.

The Galleria Nazionale has interviewed some of these artists in order to narrate the ever-changing ways in which time has influenced their artistic production. How do contemporary artists position themselves in relation to the idea of time observed in the First Act of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, when this force is deemed “out of joint”?

The interviews are short, composed of nine questions regarding the concept of time and its state of being out of joint. Marion Baruch (Timisoara, Romania, 1929), Emanuele Becheri (Prato, Italy, 1973), Giulia Cenci (Cortona, Italy, 1988), Daniela De Lorenzo (Florence, Italy, 1959), Elizabeth McAlpine (London, UK, 1973), Alessandro Piangiamore (Enna, Italy, 1976) and Davide Rivalta (Bologna, Italy, 1974) answer our curiosities on the matter.

Interviews by Fulvia Palacino

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